Samsung Note 20….. what the F##k Samsung?

So if you haven’t been living under the rock you would know that the samsung unpacked even went down last week marking the release of the much awaited Note 20 lineup.

The top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra(wow,that’s a mouthful) hits just right with the best specs,screen,chip-set,design(and yada-yada-yada) for the cheap cheap cost of 1300$ doing justice to the “ultra” name.But its younger sibling stand out as a bit of a blacksheep .why you ask? well dont get me wrong its a amazing phone and all hut is it 1000$ good?

Yeah sure the specs are there with a Snapdragon 865+,8gb ram and upto 256gb of storage,but when it comes to the pitfalls boy does it have some,with the simply unacceptable plastic body to the basic fhd+ 60hz screen (1440p 90hz should have been ideal).WHAT WAS SAMSUNG THINKING?????????? it seems like samsung has dug their own grave launching a sub power Note 20 which cannot even compete with its cousin the S-20

Honestly this seems to dumb to be true,someone like samsung (with 21.8% market share) would do this,so here is what i think they did:

2.They could be doing something like apple did with the first I pad (announcing it at 999$ but selling it for 400$)

possibly making the phone a 700$-800$ phone (which seems to be just right).we have seen years and years again that older Samsung are almost always on sale which would effectively make the old S series anywhere from 50$-200$ cheaper.

3.the last possibility could be they just value the not at that much, the rather exclusive experience of using the S-pen (undoubtedly the best stylus on a phone) and its rather “productivity” oriented market, maybe its can be that costly like the blackberry of circa 2008…… cause believe it or not i have met people who are just flabbergasted by the versatility of the note and its S-pen so much so that they chose to use the phone with the stylus even tho it had a perfectly usable and rather amazing screen .this novelty of the S-pen goes sooo deep down that till the Ka-Boom Note (note 7) existed people would press the physical home button with the stylus (like what the heck boomer)

verdict: no doubt that the Note 20 is a pretty good phone but for its price and the pitfalls has its not worth it. A mere 25W charging, NO expandable memory(a marks Samsung feature),A FHD+ 60HZ screen and a plastic build is just not something you want or expect for a thousand friking rollers!!!!!

Buy a oneplus or something instead.

Peace Out.

I promise I can write better than I can pose😂 Peace Out.