easy weed growing guide from home

whatever you call it cannabis, weed, ganja, or marijuana whether you love it or hate it, it exists and has a lot of advantages but we are not here to talk about that. Noooo we are going to get down and dirty and try to grow some from the comfort of your home whether you are quarantined or not.

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now before starting DISCLAIMER: this article is only and only for educational purposes, do not try any of this if you are under the age of 21 or if its illegal in your city/state/country and you would be accountable for your own actions

glad we got that out of the way now without any further ado here are the steps to grow your “Mexican spinach”(just so you know this is for when you get started and not for advanced growers. so don’t come after me stoned throwing stones).

Books to make you successful!

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Being an entrepreneur is all fun until you realize that you’re actually not as experienced as others. Your knowledge might not be at the same level as those who’ve been in the business for twenty years and that scares you.

No need to worry though, you can always learn from other's experiences, and as long as you are willing to learn you are on the path to achieve greatness.

These 5 books should help you not only understand the thinking and mindset of some of the greatest entrepreneurs but at least for me, they worked as an amazing source of…

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Gaming mice versus regular mice: a guide

What is a PC gamer’s most prized possession? Their headset? Maybe those fancy RGB fans? Oh, the mechanical keyboard! Actually, that might be a close second. In truth, nothing can beat a gaming mouse when it comes to PC gaming accessories.

For a gamer, a mouse is like a sword. It’s an extension of themselves. But when it actually comes to buying a gaming mouse — or knowing which model is better than another — it can get super confusing. …

making money from the comfort of your couch.

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If you are a freelancer looking for work, you probably know how exhausting the task can be. However, there are freelance websites dedicated to helping professionals like yourself find work.

Freelancing can be amazing as a side hustle or as a full-blown career, freelancing comes from a passion, maybe a hobby or a skill as well.

so here are 10 websites you can use to makes some money from that skill.[Cha-Ching!]

1. Fiverr:

Let the gains begin!

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Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

Although we are in the middle of a pandemic, gyms have started to reopen all around the world and this is as good a time as any (my last words before dying of covid)to go to a gym and start that fitness regiment.

Gym’s and fitness, in general, can be kinda daunting at first, so here are some tips to make it a bit easier and a bit fun.

1. Consistency

Consistency is the key to success and working out is no exception. With bodybuilding or weight loss being your goal, you won't see results in a day or a week. …

You won't see the new Albert Einstien anytime soon!

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Photo by Kyle Gregory Devaras on Unsplash

Our education system was put in place by policymakers and our ancestors to well “educate” us, but now it seems to be the one factor holding us back.

It's almost funny that the education system that I have gone through is the same one that my father and his father before him went through, the education system around the world has not changed much in the last 500 years(no, I didn't add an extra 0), although now you might have fancy-sounding subjects like artificial intelligence or machine learning, they are still taught using the same rusty and monotonous system.

Taking the basics to the next level

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Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Pushups are arguably one of the most iconic exercises, when someone says ‘workout’ they are one of the first images in our mind.

Pushups are the basic building blocks of any “PUSH” exercise and all pushup variations.its one of the most basic and effective exercises, it's probably the first exercise you learn or at least try too.

Pushups can be of great help if you are trying to gain some mass on that chest and those triceps but to make them better and a bit more challenging I have a few pushup variations that you should definitely try, listed below from easiest to the hardest.

1. Slow-Motion Pushup:

and why you should start your podcast!

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podcasts are something that I have been listening to since I was 17 years old, I started with The Joe Rogan Experience and soon started to find more and more of them interesting.

Since the pandemic hit you might have seen your friends, favorite social media personality or even your favorite actors start a podcast, heck I remember looking at my older brother and asking “yo you wanna start something like a podcast”, but why is everyone starting a podcast.

the answer, believe it or not, is because it's super easy, confused? lemme explain, at the core of it a podcast is just one or a few people having a conversation, this gives it the choice of being a bit more casual and way less daunting than a youtube video. …

Getting ripped at home has never been easier

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Photo by Gordon Cowie on Unsplash

All of us have tried some “at home workout” to get into shape and have had varying degrees of success. How about this simple push/pull workout that needs little to no equipment and won't only get you fit but also help you immensely with your posture.

This is a simple bodyweight push/pull workout that will require only a pull-up bar in the name of equipment and some can-do attitude, it's a hight intercity workout so if you have some major muscle injuries on your torso or even just less stamina, try and do this workout at your own pace.


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An overview on whether Valorant can be the next go-to competitive shooter

Yes, we have heard this a billion times now “Yo, Nuzair CSGO is a dead game bruh!” But time and time again CSGO has pulled a clutch and saved itself.

Counter-Strike has been the golden standard for tactical shooters since its inception in 2000 and CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is the latest entry in the franchise being released in 2012. Since its release, CS:GO has been considered by some as the best Counter-Strike out there. …

Nuzair Palwala

I promise I can write better than I can pose😂 Peace Out.

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